Dedicated Resource

Koerge web hosting plans do not share server resources. All plans come with dedicated server resources, delivering the highest performance possible for your WordPress, WooCommerce or Magento Store. 

Dedicated CPU

Unlike most web hosting providers, all our web hosting plans come with dedicated CPU that’s assigned to your plan. 

This means if the server is busy during peak periods your website, be it WordPress, WooCommerce or Magento store is uninterrupted from other users providing you with consistently high performance. 

The CPU resource assigned to your plan is reserved for your business and will never be shared amongst other users. 

Memory (RAM)

All our servers are equipped with 512GB of ram enabling us to assign each Koerge web hosting plan dedicated RAM that isn’t shared with any other customer. 

This enables you to experience consistent and reliable performance from our web hosting services. 

NVME Storage

All our servers utilise enterprise NVME storage and we reserve a minimum of 100MB/s for each customer. However this is not a hard limit, 99% of the time we allow customers to use well over 500MB/s.

The only time we will intervene and set a 100MB/s hard limit is if a client is abusing the storage which is a very rare event. 

With dedicated NVME storage per customer, you can be rest assured your WordPress site will never be interrupted by other users. Unlike competing web hosting providers. 

Koerge Burst Enabled

For Gold and Platinum plans come with Koerge Burst. This enables you to utilise double the amount of CPU that’s reserved for your plan. 

For example the platinum plan has 10 dedicated CPU cores that are reserved for you. 

We never run servers anywhere near-maximum capacity which means we can burst your CPU allowance dynamically, up to 20 CPU cores whenever we detect your application requires it (for example during a traffic spike).

Koerge Burst can be used for 1 hour of 100% CPU utilisation per month and isn’t rolled over to the next month. We find this is a perfectly suitable limit for any WordPress or WooCommerce site that experiences traffic spikes that usually last a few minutes. 

Take advantage of our dedicated resources!