Our Data Centre

Koerge utilises a top tier data centre in London that meets industry best practice and the EU Code of Conduct specifications.

Secure & Reliable

Our London Data Centre is designed from the ground up to be secure and extremely reliable.

Our datacentres offer a high level of physical security for your systems. With multiple levels of access control, internal and external CCTV, on-site staff, perimeter fencing, escorted visitors, you can be sure that your servers are well protected. Pulsant’s ISO 27001 accreditation for IT security covers all of our datacentre facilities.


Uptime Guarantee

High levels of uptime is very essential: in business-critical or customer-facing IT systems any downtime will result in loss of business and reputation. This is why we have multiple levels of equipment redundancy to ensure a functioning data centre environment even in the face of major disruptions to IT operations such as power outages.


In addition to a fully secure and redundant network Koerge system administrators monitor all our servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Servers constantly monitored and any issues are acted upon before they become serious. Additionally, the network and datacenters are monitored and managed by on-site technicians dedicated to ensuring maximum uptime and reliability.