Bad Bot Protection

Bad bots, steal your data, brute force your logins, and spam your business.

Leverage Cloudflare Enterprise

We have partnered with Cloudflare enabling us to provide you with enterprise-level bot protection. Along with many other paid for Cloudflare features such as WAF, Argo and more. 

All our Gold and Platinum web hosting plans now come with paid for Cloudflare features, free, included within your Koerge hosting plan.  

Bad bots make up 40% of All Internet Traffic

With over 40% of internet traffic being bad bots and rising yearly, they cause all kinds of problems:

  • Attack websites
  • Steal website data (scraping)
  • Brute-force login
  • Digital ad fraud
  • Content spam
  • Submit fake credit card transactions
  • Transaction fraud
  • Inventory hoarding
  • Cause high bandwidth
  • Cause high CPU usage (slowing your website down)
  • DDOS
  • And more

Koerge Bad Bot Protection

Our unique partnership with Cloudflare enables our customers to leverage Cloudflare’s industry-leading bot protection without ever signing up to Cloudflare. 

  • Prevent your Analytics data from being skewed by bad bot traffic
  • Stop spammers from attempting to purchase products with fake credit cards, putting your ability to accept payments at risk
  • Stop content spam
  • Stop website scraping and data harvesting
  • And much more

Verified good bots will never be blocked or be negatively affected. 

Speak to our team to learn more and get this feature activated on your domains.