Uptime Guarantee

Downtimes of even 1 minute is unacceptable at Koerge. We are proud to provide 99.99% uptime for all our clients.

Redundant Network & Power

Our clients are hosted on a redundant network that consist of multiple switches, routers and network carriers to ensure the highest level of uptime available. 

We only use the latest Dell EMC servers that utilise dual power supplies connected to a large UPS backed by multiple diesel generators ensuring 100% power at all times.

Server Provisioning

Koerge Web Hosting works very differently to traditional web hosting, we do not and cannot over provision users on to a single server. This means downtime due to an overwhelmed server is not possible.

Server Failure?

We use 2021 edition Dell EMC servers to ensure the highest level of reliability possible. All our servers are replaced every 2 years.

In the extremely rare event of a server failure, we can get you back online within 30 minutes, although this has never happened to any of our servers.