How to open a support ticket on your Koerge Dashboard

For issues relating to websites, hosting or domains our clients can get in touch with us by opening a support ticket. In order to open a support ticket follow the steps below:

Login to your Koerge Dashboard. Once you are logged in use the left sidebar to open up the ‘Support’ section and click on ‘Tickets’ (as seen in the image below).

After clicking on ‘Tickets’ you’ll be taken to the ‘My Support Tickets’ page where you can click on ‘Submit Ticket’.

In this section you can select which department you’d like to submit your ticket to (Hosting Support or Domain Support).

After selecting the department you will be able to select the ticket priority, message and attachments (if you have any). We recommend adding as much information as possible to help our support team solve your issue as quickly as possible. When you are happy with the details provided you can click on ‘Submit’ to submit your support ticket to our team of dedicated support (see image below).

If you run into any issues, use the contact us form or the live chat to send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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