How to Schedule a WordPress Post

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The process of scheduling can be very confusing but the main concern is finding the right option. If you are an experienced WordPress user then you might know the option already, but for the beginners, it can be a little tricky to find the correct option. Here are some steps that may help you schedule your daily posts.

Scheduling posts in the Gutenberg WordPress editor:

  • Finish up the writing part first and look on the right side of the screen. You will find an edit screen and under that look for Documents tab.
  • When you click on the Documents you can see a Status and Visibility panel.
  • Click on the “immediately” button right next to the Publish option.
  • Calendar box will appear and from there, you can choose the desired date and time.
  • You can also choose a previous date if you want the users to think that you have posted this blog way earlier and they have somehow missed that.
  • Once a future date is set, you will notice the Publish button transformed into a Schedule button.
  • And for the final step, you need to click on the schedule button, in order to automate your posts for future dates.
  • After that, WordPress algorithms take over, and the post will get published on the same day and exact time.

Scheduling posts in classic WordPress editor:

For the WordPress classic editor, we highly recommend Gutenberg. The block editor is amazingly fast and modern. However, if you don’t like the layout to be changed and wanted to stick with the old ways then you can follow the following steps to learn to schedule.

  • In the older version, you can see a publish meta box with numerous options.
  • You need to look for publish immediately option and click on the edit button right next to it.
  • The layout will be a little different but you will be able to see the date and time option there.
  • Enter the desired date and time and you will find the publish button changing to schedule.
  • Just click on the schedule button and now the WordPress will publish the post right on the desired time.

My post says ‘Missed Schedule’?

This is a common issue within WordPress that can occur on low traffic websites or due to caching being utilised.

To fix ‘Missed Schedule’ post, download and install the following plugin.

Table of Contents

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