What is Minify?

You probably heard that you should always minify your files, be it JavaScript, HTML or CSS. Tools such as PageSpeed Insights will often flag warnings that CSS & JS files are not minified, but what exactly does it mean?

Minify is the process of removing all unnecessary bytes within a file, such as spaces.

For example, code that has not been minified will look like this.

Unminified Example:

 /* awesome-container is only used on the landing page */
 .awesome-container { font-size: 120% }
 .awesome-container { width: 50% }

Minified Example:

<html><head><style>.awesome-container{font-size:120%;width: 50%} </style></head>

Minifying multiple files with thousands of lines of code can help reduce the overall page size, resulting in faster page loads.

Is your website hosted with Koerge?

If you host your website with Koerge you can leverage the Litespeed WordPress plugin that should be installed, this plugin can many options including minification for HTML, CSS and JavaScript. All of these settings can be found under the ‘optimize’ tab within the LiteSpeed plugin.

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