What is LiteSpeed and how can it benefit my website?

What is LiteSpeed?

LiteSpeed is an ultra-high-performance web server that’s built as a direct replacement for Apache web servers.

LiteSpeed is built from the foundation with performance in mind, this enables server-level caching capabilities without having to execute PHP, fully compatible with existing. HTACCESS configurations and above all LiteSpeed are at the forefront of performance always being the first to adopt the latest technologies such as HTTP2 and HTTP3.

Note that, unlike Apache which is free to use, LiteSpeed Enterprise is a premium web server, therefore, requires a paid license to run (if you wanted to use it on your own dedicated server or VPS).

How can LiteSpeed Benefit my WordPress site?

LiteSpeed has both performance and security benefits that can benefit your website. Running on WordPress? LiteSpeed has a proprietary plugin that is highly customizable enabling WordPress users to make the most of LiteSpeed’s caching capabilities as well as many page speed benefits such as:

  • Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Combine CSS and JavaScript
  • CSS and JavaScript HTTP/2 Push
  • Load JS and CSS Deferred
  • Next-Gen Image Formats
  • Lazy Loading
  • Responsive Placeholders to reduce CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) score
  • And many more


Other features include DOS protection, WAF and throttling or blocking IPs that are brute-forcing your WordPress admin logins.

How can I get LiteSpeed?

LiteSpeed being a web server needs to be installed directly on the server running your website. This must not be mistaken for LiteSpeed WordPress Plugin which is used to interact with the LiteSpeed web server.

All of our web hosting plans use LiteSpeed enabled servers meaning you get all the premium LiteSpeed features included with your plan.

Please note that the LiteSpeed WordPress plugin can be installed on any WordPress website however all of its features cannot be used unless you are hosted with a LiteSpeed enabled host.

George Prodromou

George Prodromou

George is an enterprise-level web server specialist with over 10 years’ experience supporting blue-chip clients to optimise their global web infrastructures. George holds a wealth of experience in WordPress, he is often engaged by large organisations to help build custom web infrastructures for enterprise-level websites including WordPress.
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