Website Security

Our advanced multi-tiered security system which is built using AI technology can prevent many new (and old) attacks automatically. Our priority is to keep your website safe and protect your visitors or customers. 

Imunify 360

We utilise Imunify360, a comprehensive security platform for web servers. It utilises highly tailored and integrated components for proactive real-time website protection and web server security. 

Imunify360 combines an Intrusion Prevention and Detection system, a Web Application Firewall, Real-time Antivirus protection, a Network Firewall, and Patch Management components. These elements are seamlessly integrated for flawless interoperability that instantly detects, fixes, and protects from any threats that a web-hosting service may encounter..

Continuous Monitoring

We continuously monitor for DDoS protection, mitigation, software-based restrictions, SSL support, and secure hardware firewalls. Ensuring that all websites are secure 24/7.

Our online security experts will keep your website safe