SEO Services

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and its the process of optimising websites to rank for relevant keywords, enabling your business to appear in organic Google search results for the services and products you provide to your end customer.

SEO is often mistaken for PPC by those who are new to the digital world of marketing.  SEO is the process of having your website appear in search results organically. Unlike PPC where you advertise your business within Google Search Results ‘Ad’ and pay for each visitor that clicks through to your website. 

SEO Veterans

Koerge has over 15 years experience in SEO in a wide range of industries from retail to travel, helping clients excel in organic search. Koerge has helped companies turning over £100,000 in yearly revenue to global blue chip companies that turn over £10 billion in yearly revenue. 

Our business is structured from the very foundation to enable us to assist in any project large or small, from one off consultancy projects to managing global SEO campaigns with billions of pounds in revenue at stake. 

Have a complex SEO problems?

Theirs nothing we love more than highly complicated websites and projects to dig our teeth into. We have helped E-Commerce websites go from 30 million indexed URLs in Google search results to under 10,000. Organic traffic and revenue both hitting lifetime peaks.

It’s without question many SEO agencies and consultants around the world provide great SEO services, but very few have hands on experience managing multiple multi-billion dollar revenue SEO campaigns. A simple human error or a message getting lost in translation can cost a business tens of millions. 

Get a proposal

Not only will we work closely with you to identify the correct SEO strategy, we will also ensure that our SEO specialists spend time to help you solve the right problem.