E-Commerce SEO

What is E-Commerce SEO?

E-Commerce SEO is the process of optimising product lister pages, product display pages, faceted navigations etc. Unlike on none e-commerce websites where these elements do not exist. On E-Commerce websites the SEO strategy is usually far more complex than standard websites, competition is usually much higher and products coming in and out of stock all play a big part on the overall SEO strategy chosen for your business.

E-Commerce SEO Services

Koerge has years of experience within the digital retail industry. Koerge has helped business ranging from house hold fashion stores to global electronic good stores. 

Our services our bespoke to the clients industry, current website limitations and requirements. Common e-commerce SEO projects include but not limited to: 

  • Faceted navigation strategies
  • Out of stock product Strategies
  • Stores running on a single page application
  • SEO strategies for bespoke E-Commerce Platforms
  • International Targeting
  • E-Commerce platform & domain migrations
  • Product Naming strategies

Stakeholder Experience

More often then not, significant SEO changes are usually required on E-Commerce websites. But for those who have worked either agency or inhouse know the challenges that come with making core changes to a multi million pound generating online store. 

Our team holds a wealth of experience dealing with C-Level executives and internal/external developers. 

Our deep business understanding and experience dealing with C-Level executives allows us to get sensitive SEO projects approved and deployed within your organisation no matter how complex or strict your internal processes may be. 

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Not only will we work closely with you to identify the correct SEO strategy, we will also ensure that our SEO specialists spend time to help you solve the right problem.