Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of optimising an online website to increase its visibility from users searching local to the business. 

For example, we perform local SEO optimisation for a restaurant in Mayfair, London targeting users who are searching for queries such as ‘Restaurants near me‘ when they are in close proximity to Mayfair, London or users searching for queries such as ‘Restaurants in Mayfair‘. 

Local SEO Services

Koerge has helped small local businesses to global franchise stores dominate local Google search results around the world. 

Weather you are looking for Koerge to optimise and run your Google My Business pages, simply get you listed on Google Maps or launch a bespoke local SEO strategy targeting hundreds if not thousands of locations, we can help. 

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Not only will we work closely with you to identify the correct SEO strategy, we will also ensure that our SEO specialists spend time to help you solve the right problem.