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Bespoke SEO Training - Developers

SEO training for internal staff is crucial for any business, developers need to understand the fundamentals of technical SEO before they embark on large internal projects. Not having any understanding in SEO often results in months worth of work having to be redone due to critical technical SEO issues that arise from developers who aren’t educated in this field. Some common examples includes developers working with single page applications, JavaScript, client and server side rendering. 

Bespoke SEO Training - eCommerce

Merchandising teams add/edit/remove thousands of products on e-commerce stores regularly. SEO understanding is a must to ensure thousands of product pages are not negatively affecting your overall SEO performance. 


SEO Training Services

Koerge offers bespoke SEO training be it over a zoom call or face to face meetings, we can help educate your internal teams to avoid common mistakes we often see that costs companies thousands in revenue and significant amount of internal resource to address the issues that could have easily been avoided from the very foundation. 

Koerge can train any internal teams from C-Level executives to junior members of staff that are embarking on a digital focused job role. 

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Not only will we work closely with you to identify the correct SEO strategy, we will also ensure that our SEO specialists spend time to help you solve the right problem.