Site Migrations

What is a site migration?

A site migration is the process of migrating to a new platform. This usually occurs when a business has out grown its current platform/CMS and requires a more flexible and modern platform in order to continue expanding. Site migrations are extremely dangerous for SEO performance due to hundreds of technical elements changing, a new, modern platform may not always be well optimised for SEO. 

Site Migrations Services

Koerge has hands-on experience dealing with numerous platform and domain migrations on a multi-million pound a year generating websites.

No matter how big, or complicated your migration might be, we have the inhouse experience to hit the ground running and successful migrate your website whilst retaining your current SEO performance. 

Site Migration Are Dangerous

It wouldn’t be fair if we haven’t highlighted the obvious. Site migrations are indeed very dangerous to your current SEO performance. When performing a site migration planning and execution is critical to maintain and grow your organic performance. Get in touch with Koerge if you are considering a site migration, let us see how we can help. 

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