Built for performance

Unlike most competing web hosting providers, we have built a platform from the ground up with performance as the number one priority, not profits.

Koerge gives each client dedicated resource to our AMD EPYC powered servers enabling you to experience dedicated server performance without the eye watering price tag.

All our servers are connected to 10,000MB/s internet speeds and uncapped. This means your website is never network throttled like most competitors that throttle client websites to 10MB/s.

Check out our WordPress, WooCommerce demo store to experience our web hosting page speed times yourself.

Get the fastest speed possible

Full Page Load Comparisons

We signed up to each competing WordPress web hosting service, disabled all cache, and performed a test which consisted of 3 page views per second for 60 seconds, performed 5 times.

The results were then averaged across all tests and shown on the left-hand side.

The site tested was an identical WordPress WooCommerce store with sample products published on each hosting provider.

Whilst running these tests it became quite evident all hosting providers severely limit PHP processes and CPU usage preventing clients from using too much server resource. This is a clear indication that all competitors shown are trying to stuff as many clients as possible on a single server to increase profits.

This means if your website gets busier or you receive a traffic spike, your store will slow down severely and eventually fail.

Traffic Spikes

Koerge uses LiteSpeed alongside proprietary software enabling us to deal with traffic spikes exceeding 600,000 page views per minute for our customers.

This level of performance was normally reserved for enterprise companies that spend hundreds of thousands per month on hosting.

Koerge is proud to bring enterprise-grade performance to SMBs at an affordable price, with no contracts.

The client featured uses our Platinum plan with Koerge Burst Enabled, Allowing them to utilize 20 dedicated CPU cores to handle the traffic spike.

What is LiteSpeed Hosting?

In order for you to view a webpage a web server is required to serve it to your browser. A web server is in essence the engine that allows websites all around the world to work. Over 90% of all websites on the internet use an Apache web-server.

Unlike Apache which is free, LiteSpeed is a paid for premium web-server that outperforms Apache in every department, delivering higher performance and security that translates to improved page load times and an overall better user-experience for your visitors.

Boost Page Speed Scores

LiteSpeed comes with many advanced features enabling you to boost your websites page speed score.

Koerge support team can assist you in setting up LiteSpeed to get you close to 100/100 score as possible.

*A perfect score is not always possible on certain WordPress sites, the theme and plugins used will play a major role. However more than doubling your existing score is very possible.

Apache vs LiteSpeed

Traditional web hosting tend to use Apache web-servers due to it being free. LiteSpeed Web Server’s revolutionary architecture delivers more performance and above all consistent performance whilst improving Time to First Byte (TTFB) by 3x.

HTTP3 Support

All our servers use the latest generation LiteSpeed Enterprise web servers which means HTTP3 is enabled by default.

HTTP3 is the latest protocol developed to help boost website page load times, LiteSpeed was the first web-server in the world to bring HTTP3 into worldwide production environments. Web Innovations will always be adopted by LiteSpeed years ahead of free Apache and Nginx web server alternatives, used by most hosting providers

Redundant Network & Power

Our clients are hosted on a redundant network that consist of multiple switches, routers and network carriers to ensure the highest level of uptime available.

We only use the latest Dell EMC servers that utilise dual power supplies connected to a large UPS backed by multiple diesel generators ensuring 100% power at all times.

PHP Performance

PHP 8 is significantly faster than previous PHP versions resulting in faster page load times, improved server response times, and an overall better user experience for your visitors.

WooCommerce users will experience faster ‘add to basket’ and ‘checkout’ times with PHP 8.

PHP Benchmarks


All our web hosting plans come with PHP OPCache enabled. Each user gets 256MB of dedicated OPCache storage.

Your OPCache storage isn’t shared with any other user, enabling you to use the full amount of cache assigned to you.

OPCache is currently enabled on the following PHP versions: PHP 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 and 8.0.


We bring the latest PHP versions into production faster than any competing web hosting provider.

The newly introduced PHP 8.0 is available on all web hosting plans and ready to be used.

*PHP 8 might not be compatible with certain third-party WordPress plugins. Ensure you test thoroughly.

Experience high performance web hosting like no other!

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