Website Security

Our advanced multi-tiered security system which is built using AI technology can prevent many new (and old) attacks automatically. Our priority is to keep your website safe and protect your visitors or customers. 

BitNinja Security

We partnered up with BitNinja, the industries leading cybersecurity experts. Enabling us to provide you web hosting that’s protected from DDOS, hackers, malware, bad bots and more. 

You can be rest assured hackers will not be breaking into your WordPress or WooCommerce, stealing your customers data. Our firewall stops attackers before they get a chance to reach your website. 

Web Application Firewall 2.0

The most advanced and flexible web application firewall available for we hosting. We have fine-tuned our firewall to prevent WordPress, WooCommerce and Magento attacks as well as many other PHP related threats. 

We receive constant firewall patches directly from BitNinja ensuring we are always ahead of any vulnerabilities that may arise, protecting your business and client data. 

Hosting Security Features

When you host with us, you get all of us. This means access to the best of what we have, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Realtime IP Reputation

Every server protected by BitNinja receives the latest updates on which IPs are safe and which are malicious. With each new server added, the defense shield grows stronger.

Honey Pots

Honeypots trap suspicious connections, so cybercriminals won’t be able to access the valid services on your servers, only the fake ones which are setup to trap them.

Web Application Firewall

Block website cyberattacks using a Web Application Firewall. Our WAF 2.0 operates between visitors’ browsers and our servers.

DDOS Protection

We continuously monitors the number of connections on your server. If too many concurrent connections are detected, we will automatically add the IP address to the blacklist.

Log Analysis

We block brute force attacks as well as SQL injection, directory traversal, spamming attempts, WordPress user enumeration, reflective DDoS via xmlrpc.php & more.

Malware Detection

Traditional malware detection methods are ineffective against new threats. We use a resource-friendly approach that detects malware upload attempts & provide low false positive rates

Custom Web Application Firewall

Due to so many different types of platforms and web applications its impossible to deploy optimum firewall rules for every scenario. 

Our platinum packages comes with a custom web application firewall, this means our team of experts review your specific website, platform, plugins etc and deploy bespoke web application firewall rules to further enhance security.  

Malware Protection

We continuously scan for malware, trojans and any threats, blocking them before they are able to reach your website. Keeping your website free from hackers and malware. 

Leverage Cloudflare Enterprise

We have partnered with Cloudflare enabling us to provide you with enterprise-level bot protection. Along with many other paid for Cloudflare features such as WAF, Argo and more.

All our Gold and Platinum web hosting plans now come with paid for Cloudflare features, free, included within your Koerge hosting plan.

Koerge Bad Bot Protection

Our unique partnership with Cloudflare enables our customers to leverage Cloudflare’s industry-leading bot protection without ever signing up to Cloudflare.

  • Prevent your Analytics data from being skewed by bad bot traffic
  • Stop spammers from attempting to purchase products with fake credit cards, putting your ability to accept payments at risk
  • Stop content spam
  • Stop website scraping and data harvesting
  • And much more

Verified good bots will never be blocked or be negatively affected.

Speak to our team to learn more and get this feature activated on your domains. 

Our online security experts will keep your website safe