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Find the WooCommerce hosting plan that fits your needs


billed monthly

Ideal for startups, small and less demanding WordPress sites.

Server Power

billed monthly

Ideal for small E-commerce and medium sized WordPress sites.

Server Power

billed monthly

Ideal for Large E-Commerce and high traffic WordPress Sites.

Server Power

billed monthly

Ideal for large, demanding E-commerce and WordPress sites.
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When you host with us, you get all of us. This means access to the best of what we have, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Regular Backups

Automated, redundant systems for your critical applications.

Website Security

Multiple, powerful firewall & protection between your data and threats.

Dedicated Resource

All plans come with dedicated server resources, delivering the highest performance.

SSL Ready

Enable SSL certificates on any site with a single click.

Dedicated Support

Technical support from leading Web Hosting & WordPress experts.

Speed & Performance

Strong uptime and resiliency to mitigate unexpected failures.

There's a reason why Ecommerce businesses choose Koerge Hosting

The Toy Chronicles, Ladbrokes Coral, B&Q, Skim and some of the world’s biggest brands rely on Koerge’s specialist Managed Hosting solutions. They choose Koerge because their website needs high performance, auto scaling, powerful security for customer data and 24/7 dedicated support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes all our web hosting plans run on LiteSpeed enterprise web servers.  This also means you can unlock all the LiteSpeed plugin features to help improve your WordPress page load times & server response times. 

All our plans include full backups that are taken twice a day, every day and stored for a minimum of 30 days helping you swiftly recover from any unlikely disaster.

Yes, free SSL certificates are available for all clients and are issued automatically on all your domains and subdomains hosted with us.

Yes, package upgrades/downgrades can be done via your client dashboard, instantly and with no downtime.

We take up-time very seriously, Koerge has invested a great deal of time and resource on the latest Dell EMC servers and security appliances to ensure customers websites remain online at all times.

All our plans include a free migration service. After you sign up to one of our web hosting services, submit a support ticket requesting a migration and we will transfer your WordPress website over to us quickly and efficiently. 

Talk to our hosting specialists

Call us on 0330 043 1083 or start a live chat.

Resource Burst

Gold and Platinum plans come with resource Burst, enabled by default. 

Resource Burst enables you to use double the amount of server resources dedicated to your plan. For example, if you are on the platinum plan with 10 CPU cores, you can burst up to 20 CPU cores for a short period of time. 

This enables busy websites such as a WordPress WooCommerce store to handle abnormal traffic spikes that usually occur around Black Friday sales. 

Bad Bot Protection

Ever experienced your website suddenly running slow or your web hosting provider alerting you that you are using a lot of CPU or RAM although you have no users online? This is usually the cause of bad bots crawling and harvesting your data. 

Bad bots make up over 40% of internet traffic and cause all kinds of problems from brute force WordPress login pages to spamming your website. 

We have teamed up with Cloudflare to offer bad bot protection to our Gold and Platinum customers. This is usually a paid-for feature on Cloudflare.

You can expect to see far less spam, less CPU usage and overall a faster WordPress website when enabling bad bot protection. 

10 CPU Cores

The platinum WordPress hosting plan comes with 10 dedicated CPU cores that are assigned to your plan. 

This is enough to handle hundreds of concurrent users browsing your website or shopping on WooCommerce. Furthermore, the platinum plan comes with Koerge Burst, meaning your website is able to double its resource to 20 CPU cores for 24 hours a month, this is ideal for traffic spikes such as Black Friday or unexpected surges of visitors.